Bill Biggs, President

8655 Pepper Ridge
Sylvania, OH 43560
Phone: (419) 250-1960
Fax: (419) 517-3093

BIGGS BUILDING SERVICES is the premier professional janitorial, cleaning, and maintenance service for Toledo and Sylvania, Ohio
Since 1988, Our business has been a locally based, family owned and operated business employing residents of and providing services for
Toledo and all surrounding communities. All appointments, questions and customer concerns are handled personally by company president Bill Biggs.
We will work with your building's management staff to set up cleaning schedules and procedures taylered to your needs.

The key to our continued success is the standards we set for our on-site personnel.
All potential employees are asked to send a resume with a contact list.
All resumes are read by the president of the company and, if qualified, are called in for an interview.
Each potential employee is interviewed, references are checked, and resume information is verified.
Potential employees are subjected to a background check and asked to submit to a drug test.
If the employee is conditionally hired, he or she will train on site with a supervisor for a minimum of of 10 man-hours before being entrusted with custodial care of a building.
Additional training is provided for specific tasks required of particular job, based on the physical requirements of the building and the wishes of the client.(e.g. wax floor buffing, carpet shampooing, window cleaning.)
Training is ongoing throughout the term of employment with Biggs Building Services.

We at BBS place a high emphasis on on-the-job training. All employees must train a minimum of 10 hours prior to being allowed to work on their own.
Employees are taught one-on-one by experinenced staff in every aspect of the nightly cleaning tasks.
Once a new hire has passed orientation, hands-on performance will begin, under supervision of a senior member of our team. Once this supervisor feels that this employee has reached an acceptable level of competence, and judges him or her to be adequately responsible, that employee will "own" and be responsible for that building.
Senior staff will periodically conduct inspections of all buildings, to ensure employees are maintaining our company's high standards.
Building Managers are provided with direct contact information for company president Bill Biggs. Any changes you wish make to the cleaning for your facilities, or any concerns you have with the service you are receiving, will generally be resolved the nest day.